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Design Assist

During the early stages of designing a tensile structure or facade, Big Span offers pre-construction design assistance to the project design team to help them take their idea to a feasible, constructible solution. Big Span’s in-house team of engineers and designers work with clients during the design development phase, presenting material samples, design options and 3D renderings in order to turn a client’s idea into a signature design.

Big Span Structures tensile structure design assist
Big Span Structures tensile structure design assist

Recommended to minimize project risk, this early design assistance allows the project’s architects and structural engineers to determine the most effective details for an efficient and cost-effective tensile fabric structure. Using exceptionally sustainable building materials such as ETFE film, PTFE-coated fiberglass, and PVC Membrane, Big Span’s in-house design capabilities can help contribute toward LEED building certification.

Let Big Span Structures take your next idea and concept and turn it into an award winning tensile architectural icon for your future project.