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With over 30 years of designing and building customized tensile membrane solutions for our client’s unique construction requirements, our installation crew at Big Span Structures offers some of the most experienced, well-qualified, and dedicated construction specialists in the business. Operating on projects throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, Big Span has the expertise to efficiently construct projects that range from small entrance/walkway structures and transportation facilities to large amphitheater fabric membrane roofs.

The proper installation of PTFE, PVC, or ETFE membrane structures requires much care, planning, and know-how by a qualified design-build specialty contractor for fabric structures. While a project’s engineering and manufacturing phases are taking place, Big Span project managers and engineers meet with the general contractor to review the construction methodology and coordinate erection procedures and scheduling. The equipment typically used during installation includes cranes, construction forklifts, booms, lulls, and scissor lifts.