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Cubierta Voronoi Mall

Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Membrane: ETFE Film
Market Segment: Retail
Project Size: 17,200 sqft
Architect: MAZ Architects
Owner: Gentor SA de CV
Completion Date: July 2015

Cubierta Voronoi was the first ETFE roofing system designed and installed in the history of Mexico. The ETFE tensile structure is the meeting point of the new shopping mall in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey.

The structure consists of tree-like steel masts which support a “honeycomb” covering steel structure. The panels of the honey were clad with ETFE air-inflated cushions featuring transparent ETFE film on the bottom and white ETFE on the top. The surface described by the roof was divided into panels by the algorithm developed by Mr. Voronoi and thus named a Voronoi structure.

The big achievement of this design was to build a freeform roof only with 5 different cushion designs. As a result, the production process was accelerated, and construction and planning costs were decreased. Also, the assembly process was standardized, and all 100 cushions were installed in only 12 days.