During the manufacturing phase of a project, Big Span’s 42,000 square-foot membrane manufacturing plant has efficient capacity and a highly trained staff working with tensile fabric materials, such as PTFE, PVC, and ETFE film. Once final engineering has been confirmed and shop drawings are produced, prestress PTFE or PVC fabric membrane is cut and welded to generate final panel sizes to be installed in the field. This in-house capability allows for Big Span to meet accelerated schedules and regulate production quality. As a full-service specialty contractor, this manufacturing capability separates Big Span Structures from other U.S. based companies. Big Span also utilizes manufacturer recycling programs for PVC and ETFE film in addition to pre-fabrication processes that minimize waste. Due to the lightweight nature of the fabric, it’s also easily and efficiently transported, making it one of the most exceptionally sustainable building materials available for roofing and façade applications.

Big Span currently has one of the largest (35m x 5m) automatic cutting tables in the tensile structures industry allowing custom full-size fabric patterning, plotting, cutting, scanning and digital services for precision and accuracy.

Additional equipment at our membrane plant includes:

Big Span Manufacturing - PTFE Membrane - Welding (2)

Two 8’ foot welders to allow two crews to work simultaneously.


Various hand-held tackers ranging from 6 to 48 inches utilized for welding complex curves and specialized detailed edge conditions.


State of the art sewing machine for translucent insulated aerogel Nanogel® blanket


150’ long Automatic RF (Radio Frequency) welding machine.


Seven (7) RF (Radio Frequency) welders.

Manufacturing Process

Big Span manufacturing team properly folding fabricated PTFE panel to be packaged/crated.


Big Span crew packaging/crating the finished fabricated membrane to be shipped to site.