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Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Pompano Beach Amphitheater tensile membrane structure

Pompano Beach Amphitheater Location: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States Fabric Type: PVC Membrane Market Sector: Entertainment Project Size: 35,000 sqft Architect: Big Span Structures Owner: City of Pompano Completion Date: December 2021 Part of many planned citywide improvements, the Pompano Beach Amphitheater’s iconic white fabric roof has come off – in anticipation of a new, larger tensile membrane roofing system […]

Charleen & Charles Hinson Amphitheater

Big Span Structures Charleen & Charles Hinson Amphitheater

Charleen & Charles Hinson Amphitheater Location: New Albany, Ohio, United States Membrane: PTFE Market Segment: Entertainment Project Size: 4,880 sqft Architect: DLR Group Owner: City of New Albany Completion Date: February 2021 Big Span Structures provided design-build services for the PTFE membrane roofing system for the New Albany Amphitheater located in New Albany, Ohio. With […]

The Quin Belvidere Parking Garage

Big Span Structures Quin Belvidere parking garage tensile façade

The Quin Belvidere Parking Garage Location: Charleston, South Carolina, United States Fabric Type: PVC Membrane Market Sector: Facades Project Size: 11,700 sqft Architect: McMillian Pazdan Smith Architecture Owner: White Point Partners Completion Date: October 2020 Featuring approximately 300 spaces, the Belvidere’s 125,748-square-foot parking deck was built with pre-cast concrete and features 11,700 square feet of PVC mesh façade with […]

Randy Ross Tennis Center

Randy Ross Tennis Center air-supported building dome

Randy Ross Tennis Center Project Information Location Project Information Location: Denver, Colorado, United States Membrane: PVC Membrane Market Sector: Air Domes Project Size: 58,000 sqft Architect: Big Span Structures Owner: Randy Ross Tennis Center Completion Date: September 30, 2020 Introducing the newly completed Randy Ross Tennis Center at Dove Valley located in Denver, CO. Big […]

Honolulu Authority Rapid Transportation Stations

Honolulu Authority Rapid Transit Station tensile membrane structure

Honolulu Authority Rapid Transportation Stations Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Fabric Type: PTFE Market Sector: Transportation Project Size: 30,000 sqft Architect: N/A Owner: HART Completion Date: September 12, 2020 Expected to be fully completed by 2026, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) has designed/developed a series of rail stations to serve a wide variety of passengers and include features and […]

World Equestrian Center Grand Outdoor Arena

World Equestrian Center Grand Arena tensile membrane structures

World Equestrian Center Grand Outdoor Arena Location: Ocala, Florida, United States Membrane: PTFE Market Sector: Stadiums/Arena Project Size: 29,000 sqft Architect: Roberts Design, Inc. Owner: Equestrian Operations, LLC. Completion Date: September 8, 2020 Ocala’s World Equestrian Center Showcases Big Span Structures’ Tensile Membrane Canopy System, Largest Equestrian Complex in the United States Specifies PTFE-Coated Fiberglass. The largest equestrian complex […]

St. Pete Pier

St. Pete Pier fabric canopy shade structure

St. Pete’s Pier Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, United States Membrane: PVC Membrane Market Segment: Commercial Project Size: 1,137 sqft Architect: Rogers Partners Owner: City of St. Petersburg Completion Date: June 2020 A signature icon for downtown St. Petersburg since the late 1800s, St. Pete Pier just underwent some complete revitalization. The new master plan features a park-like design that […]

JRTC Skyway

Jacksonville Regional Transit Center pedestrian bridge fabric structure

JRTC Skyway Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States Membrane: PVC Market Sector: Transportation Project Size: 2,725 sqft Architect: Michael Baker International Owner: Jacksonville Transportation Authority Completion Date: May 2020 Jacksonville Transit Authority’s vision of a regional multi-modal hub is becoming a reality with the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center (JRTC). The JRTC will be a multi-modal hub located in the […]

Care Resource Community Health Center Parking

Care Resource Community Health Center Parking fabric structures

Care Resource Community Health Center Parking Location: Miami, Florida, United States Fabric Type: PTFE Market Sector: Commercial Project Size: 13,500 sqft Architect: David Scott Parker Architects, LLC Owner: Care Resource Completion Date: May 2020 SunTrust Community Capital, a subsidiary of SunTrust Banks, Inc., announced it will provide $3.2 million of equity to capitalize $10 million of New Market Tax […]

Sawgrass Mills Mall

Sawgrass Mills Mall concourse tensile membrane roof structure

Sawgrass Mills Mall Location: Sunrise, Florida, USA Membrane: PTFE Market Segment: Retail Project Size: 30,800 sqft Architect: Owner: Simon Property Group Completion Date: May 2020 Birdair, Inc., who designed and built the original fabric roofing system back in the mid/late 90s at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sawgrass, FL, was contracted to replace the tensile membrane roofing system […]