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Big Span’s adept team of design principals and project managers have successfully designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed multiple aircraft hangars of varying styles and cladded with PVC or PTFE fabric membrane for applications from large commercial and passenger jets to light-weight, deployable, radar-ablative hangars for military aircraft to temporary and permanent wing / tail maintenance enclosures.

Optimized Installations

Big Span Structures designs and fabricates all of our rigid space frame systems utilizing highly specialized engineering techniques to optimize efficiency in terms of the time, manpower, and equipment required to complete the bolt-up installation process. Whether your design requirements call for a standard planar space frame or a dramatic, visually-striking rolled arched showpiece, Big Span’s world-class designers and engineers are uniquely equipped to deliver streamlined solutions that are ready to use in as little time, with the smallest expenditure of resources possible. We specialize in long span framed structures in width spans of 250 feet and higher and with lengths ranging anywhere from 100 feet and more.

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Reclamation Applications

Big Span offers custom canopy solutions designed and engineered for reclamation and containment purposes in the waste management, mining, minerals, and petroleum industries. Multiple structural framework types and industrial finishes / coatings are available to comply with any set of constraints and to ensure that all health, safety, and environmental requirements are met or exceeded.


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