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Tensile Membrane Structure Specialty Construction Contractor

Big Span Structures is a leading tensile structure specialty construction contractor with operations in the United States and Mexico. The company excels in designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing a range of tensile structures, including tensile membrane structures, tensile facades, air-supported structures, and tension fabric buildings.

We are the industry’s only vertically integrated company in North America. Our in-house design and engineering capabilities, steel and membrane fabrication facilities, installation, service, and maintenance teams are strategically located in the United States and Mexico.

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Big Span Structures tensile membrane structure

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The Big Span Structures project portfolio demonstrates various ways to take structural and tensile fabric capabilities to new levels with iconic results.

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Big Span Structures Services & Capabilities

Big Span Structures tensile membrane structure design assist

Design Assist

During the preliminary stages of designing a tensile structure or facade, Big Span offers pre-construction design assistance to the project design team, helping them take their idea to a feasible, constructible solution.


Big Span’s dedicated team of specialty engineers, designers, and engineering consultants are extremely experienced and knowledgeable, working with the industry’s latest tensile architectural materials and steel cable structure systems.

Big Span Structures tensile membrane structure engineering
Big Span Structures tensile membrane structure membrane fabrication

Membrane Fabrication

During the fabrication phase of a project, Big Span’s 42,000 square-foot membrane manufacturing plant has efficient capacity and a highly trained staff working with tensile fabric materials, such as PTFE, PVC, and ETFE film.

Steel Fabrication

At our 120,000 square foot steel fabrication plant in Guadalajara, Mexico area, Big Span is committed to manufacturing high quality steel fabrication for our design-build tensile structures.

Big Span Structures tensile membrane structure steel fabrication
Big Span Structures tensile membrane structure installation


With over 30 years of designing and building custom tensile membrane structures for our client’s unique construction requirements, our installation crew at Big Span Structures offers some of the most experienced, safety-certified, and skilled specialty construction installers in the business.

Service & Maintenace

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Big Span Structures tensile membrane structure service and maintenance