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Tensile Cable Structures

Tensile cable construction has risen to capture a significant market share in a very short time; and is rapidly becoming the preferred method among many of today’s toparchitects.  Tensile cable construction, bound only by the designer’s imagination, is capable of taking on any shape, form, curvature, color, or span for total conformity to the designer’s aesthetic preferences.

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Frame Supported Buildings

Frame Supported structures are the most robust, and offer the highest degrees of resistance to the elements of any of our commercial  structures. This product is capable of enduring the harshest environmental punishment, and can readily conform to the most extreme engineering requirements you may have.

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Air-supported Buildings

Air-supported structures offer significant cost savings and drastic reductions in production and installation periods versustraditional construction methods.  Far from “tents,” these amazing buildings can be engineered to meet or exceed any wind or snow loads required by U.S. code. Additionalflexibility in the air-supported design is foundin its ability to be made into either permanent or movable / re-deployable structures.  Big Span’s proprietary technology in this sector allows us to produce air-supported structures in less time, with superior structural capabilities than our competitors.


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