Big Span Structures offers concept-to-completion, highly customized: design, engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, and installation solutions for: tensile cable, frame supported, and air supported fabric-clad structures with a customer-focused service model.  Big Span’s Executive Management Team brings over a century of combined, highly-specialized knowledge & experience to the table.  With a diverse skill set and collaborative, service-driven management style, Big Span Structures is uniquely positioned to outpace its competitors in the design and development of lightweight spanning structures, from the most basic to the highest levels of complexity.

In our 40-year history, Big Span has successfully installed over 500,000,000 ft² of structures globally.  These range from sports complexes and stadiums to: cultural venues, hangars, amphitheaters, containment facilities, industrial complexes, shopping centers, hotels, commercial buildings, and a wide variety of architectural accents and upgrades such as facades, umbrellas, and walkways.

In appreciation of the fact that the best business investments are made in human capital and capabilities, Big Span employs a mixed staff of full-time employees and independent contractors, about 200 strong, with backgrounds, educations, and experiences from a multitude of different fields.  We understand that experts must also be perpetual students in our field, therefore Big Span’s concept and design team are constantly researching the latest market trends and familiarizing ourselves with cutting-edge techniques.  As a result, Big Span’s creative capability and state-of-the-art materials and techniques assure that we are completely unbound by conventional rules of geometry for self-supporting structures.  What this means for Big Span’s customers is that, as we often say, “If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.”

As part of Big Span’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, we strive to use sustainable energy and materials wherever possible.  Many of our structural fabrics are 100% recyclable with ultra-low surface energy, providing optimal light transmission and UV / heat ablation.  Big Span has also recently developed a proprietary design for mounting hardware that allows solar panels to be secured to the outside surface of our air-supported structures.  Hybridized green energy solutions are also available in some areas, which are capable of producing zero net energy input and even net energy gains. 

Big Span engineers its structures to meet and exceed industry standards, including: ASI, NFPA 701, UBC, BOCA and other international building codes.  Big Span fabrication facilities are proud members of the American Institute of Steel Construction.


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